Solutions that help elevate transfusion safety –
from the transfusion laboratory to the bedside

Our integrated transfusion management software solutions are designed to provide safety, traceability and continuity-of-care throughout the hospital and Trust.

Together the SafeTrace Tx® transfusion management software and BloodTrack® blood management and bedside transfusion software solutions, help you to enhance patient safety, optimise workflow and reduce supply chain waste.

This powerful combination allows you to:

  • Seamlessly exchange data with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and NHSBT
  • Efficiently manage hub-and-spoke models to support your Pathology Network
  • Provide closed-loop transfusion safety and traceability, from the transfusion laboratory to the bedside
  • Safely store and electronically issue blood products remotely from the transfusion laboratory
  • Maintain blood stock traceability from delivery through to final fate to comply with Blood Safety and Quality Regulations

Integrated transfusion management software
delivering data integrity and safety compliance

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