SafeTrace Tx®
Transfusion Management Software System

Your Transfusion Laboratory plays a critical role in ensuring patient safety – so it’s essential to use an information system capable of meeting your needs.

Unlike a general pan-pathology laboratory system, the SafeTrace Tx transfusion management software is designed specifically for transfusion laboratories. Its safety features help protect patients and guard against mistakes, while robust interfaces enable seamless electronic data exchange to enhance clinical communications.

Software created for Transfusion Laboratories

Operating safely and effectively at hundreds of hospitals, the SafeTrace Tx software infuses blood banking experience and knowledge into every workflow. This purpose-built software features:

  • Intuitive, transfusion lab centric workflows that guide next step actions
  • Straightforward, easy-to-enforce safety and compatibility checks
  • Single, consolidated patient record for continuity-of-care across locations
  • Flexible configurability to meet a wide variety of your Trust specific needs
  • Seamless integration with BloodTrack® software for workflow efficiencies and closed-loop transfusion safety
  • Data visualisation and analytics to manage your transfusion laboratory service and produce quality reports

Elevate transfusion safety with proven integration

The SafeTrace Tx software seamlessly exchanges data with Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), transfusion laboratory analysers, and BloodTrack software. We have over a decade of experience interfacing with health IT companies including: Allscripts®, Cerner®, Epic® and more.

If your hospital is using Epic, or another LIMS, then the SafeTrace Tx software should be your preferred transfusion management system.

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