BloodTrack Tx®
Bedside Transfusion Software Solutions

BloodTrack Tx is a Bedside Transfusion Verification and Transfusion Administration Software Solution that electronically verifies the right blood is transfused to the right patient at the bedside. BloodTrack Tx records transfusions, patient vitals, reactions and staff IDs for Hemovigilance compliance. Its logical workflow efficiently guides clinical staff through hospital transfusion SOPs to help provide compliance and ensure patient transfusion safety. BloodTrack Tx also provides bedside patient verification for phlebotomy, and can generate and print barcoded blood bank specimen collection labels.

BloodTrack Tx fully integrates with the SafeTrace Tx® Transfusion Management Software so staff have ready access to real-time transfusion administration data in the Blood Bank, allowing them to proactively respond to situations and collect statistics for transfusion committee auditing.

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