Our integrated transfusion management software solutions are designed to provide safety, traceability and continuity-of-care across the hospital network.

Together the SafeTrace Tx® Transfusion Management Software and BloodTrack® Blood Management and Bedside Transfusion Software Solutions, help you to enhance patient safety, optimize workflow and reduce supply chain waste.

This powerful combination allows you to:

  • Seamlessly exchange data with hospital information systems
  • Provide closed-loop transfusion safety, from the blood bank to the bedside
  • Leverage patented safety and compatibility logic
  • Safely store and allocate blood products at the point-of-care

Integrated transfusion management software
delivering data integrity and safety compliance


SafeTrace Tx®

Software that manages blood bank operations across facilities in the network.

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BloodTrack Manager®

Links all BloodTrack modules providing visibility and control from the blood bank. Learn more


BloodTrack® Emerge

Software that controls, tracks and monitors access to emergency blood products. Learn more


BloodTrack Courier®

Software that controls, verifies and monitors emergency and crossmatched blood products in clinical areas
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BloodTrack OnDemand®

Software that quickly allocates the right blood product where and when it’s needed.
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BloodTrack® Enquiry

Software that provides nurses and clinicians with a real-time view of blood inventory and patient transfusion status.
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BloodTrack Tx®

Software that verifies the right blood is transfused to the right patient at the bedside.
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Software that helps clinicians select the best-matched platelet product for a patient.

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