SafeTrace Tx®
Transfusion Management Software System

As a transfusion management system designed by experienced blood bankers, the SafeTrace Tx Software was built with patient safety in mind and works the way you do. Its patented safety and multi-facility features help protect patients and guard against mistakes while robust interfaces enable seamless data exchange across the hospital network.

Continuously updated to meet the needs of our customers, markets and regulations, the SafeTrace Tx Software is the transfusion management system-of-choice for hundreds of hospitals, including 6 of the top 10 hospitals in the US.1

Powered by the latest technologies and standards

SafeTrace Tx Software now features a sleek new look and enhanced user experience. This premier Transfusion Management Software Solution includes:

  • Browser-based platform with user friendly Blood Bank centric workflows
  • Straightforward, easy-to-enforce safety and compatibility checks
  • Patented Patient-at-a-Glance Bar® to access all patient details on one screen2
  • Complete patient testing and transfusion history for continuity-of-care across locations
  • Integration with BloodTrack® Software for closed-loop transfusion safety
  • Link to InstaMatch® Software to find and reserve the best-matched platelet product

Elevate transfusion safety with proven integration

Using an open architecture and the latest HL7® standards, the SafeTrace Tx Transfusion Management Software seamlessly exchanges data with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, lab systems, positive patient ID (PPID) systems, bedside transfusion administration systems, BloodTrack® Software and instruments from a wide range of suppliers. We have over a decade of experience interfacing with hospital information system (HIS) providers including: Allscripts®, Cerner®, Epic®, Meditech®, SCC Soft®, Sunquest® and more.

If your hospital is using Epic or another hospital information system, then SafeTrace Tx should be your preferred Transfusion Management System.

Product Matching and Reservation Software

InstaMatch Software helps clinicians select the best-matched platelet product for a patient, based upon a grade and site-configurable compatibility score, using a patient’s HLA-type, blood attributes and special needs, and reserve it in SafeTrace Tx.

InstaMatch automates your searching, matching and reservation process, providing a consistent matching approach and streamlined record-keeping and audit history.

Click here to learn more about our SafeTrace Tx Software.

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